4 Common Skincare Mistakes To Avoid This Winter

Common Skin Care Mistakes To Avoid This Winter

Similar to how we take care of our diet regularly, our skin too requires regular care in order to look healthy and beautiful. Taking care of our skin is important, but what’s more important is doing it in a proper, natural way. In winter, it becomes tough to maintain healthy skin due to the cold weather. You can start by using natural body care products. Avoid using body care products with synthetic ingredients as they can damage your skin or even lead to signs of aging.

Below, we've listed 4 common mistakes you should avoid in order to maintain healthy and beautiful skin in winter.

1. Leaving Your Makeup On

After a long day at work or a night on the town, you might be tempted to curl up in bed without removing your makeup. You might enjoy some extra sleep, but for your skin, it’s not at all fun. You could end up with clogged pores and skin irritation. Take the time to remove all traces of makeup with a natural makeup remover before going to bed. Never use a chemical to remove another chemical on your skin.

2. Skipping Moisturizer

If you forget moisturizer or feel you don’t need it in winter, think again. Moisturizer helps prevent dryness and is especially important when it’s cold outside. Moisturizer works best when you apply immediately after getting out of the shower or even after you wash your hands. It traps dampness and keeps your skin hydrated. Experts recommend this as one of the most useful winter body care tips to keep your skin healthy.

3. Cleaning With Harsh Products

There are many body care products on the market with ingredients that are too harsh on your skin. Using body care products that contain artificial chemicals can cause your skin to feel itchy. Use natural body products with organic ingredients, like our unisex, all-natural, multi-purpose Everywhere-Even There cream.

4. Passing Up On Sunscreen

Summer isn’t the only time to put sunscreen on your skin when you head outdoors. Even on a bleak winter day, exposure to UV rays can lead to premature aging. In order to protect your skin from becoming wrinkled or discolored, don’t forget to put on sunscreen in winter. Use a natural sunscreen all year-round when you’re going to be outside.

Any of the above skincare mistakes once in a while won’t have too much of an effect on your skin. However, making these mistakes regularly can prevent your skin from looking its best.

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