What Makes “Everywhere-Even There Cream” Different?

Everywhere-Even There Cream - The Best Organic Body Cream

The Janto Difference

At Janto Cosmetics, we believe in a higher standard of natural body products. Our organic body care products come from a secure, naturally tested environment. Our all-natural body creams are both unisex and healthy. We keep our natural body creams free from the harmful, artificial ingredients found in most mainstream body care products. We believe you should be able to pronounce each ingredient in your lotion, cream, or oil. The professionals at Janto Cosmetics take special care in preparing each and every container of our natural body creams.

Our History

Jeanette Boccia, the founder of Janto Cosmetics, grew up in a rural area without much exposure to natural body products. However, her family background encouraged self-care and positive reinforcement, with an emphasis on all-natural ingredients. Boccia’s father prided himself on creating products like hair gel, deodorant, and toothpaste using ingredients drawn from the earth instead of from a lab. Today, Boccia follows her father’s legacy by applying this philosophy to her unique brand of natural body creams. By committing to organic body care products, the experts at Janto Cosmetics are able to minimize the amount of ingredients that go into each container. As a result, Janto’s all-natural body creams are unisex, all-natural, and multi-purpose. Our natural body products are a balanced part of a healthy skin routine.

All-Natural & Multi-Purpose

Janto Cosmetics offers all-natural body creams that simplify the body care routine. Between taking care of work, home, and family, we know that it can be a challenge to also take care of our skin. We want to make it easy for our customers to maintain healthy, smooth skin. Our motto is “Less Is Best!” and we only use ingredients that you can easily identify. Our company’s mission is to promote the best all-natural body creams without sacrificing any of the quality of a luxury cream. Our Everywhere-Even There Cream functions as everything from a shaving gel to the best natural makeup remover. Our customers will be able to replace multiple creams and lotions on their shelf with just one container of the Everywhere-Even There Cream.That’s the Janto guarantee.

Olive Oil

We create our all-natural body creams always include a safe and tested blend of olive oil and soy wax. Olive oil maximizes hydration, skin absorption, and freshness. This natural ingredient offers the same benefits as the store-brand artificial creams without the associated health risks.

Soy Wax

Soy wax is an extremely under-utilized product in the skin care industry. Janto uses its signature soy wax blend to offer targeted relief to dry, flaky, ashy skin. When combined with our other all-natural ingredients, soy wax promotes smooth, soft skin.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a vital component of a healthy skin routine. It has numerous benefits, including wrinkle reduction, scar healing, and anti-aging properties. The organic anti-oxidants in Vitamin E produce a natural glow and a stronger immune system.

To ensure proper quality control, Janto Cosmetics packages its organic body creams in small containers to guarantee freshness. We encourage all of our customers to research any substance they put on their bodies. As a result, we recommend refrigeration for our products after opening in order to extend shelf life. This enhances the cooling and regenerating effects of our We Naturally line of natural body creams. That’s why we genuinely abide by our decision to not include chemical preservatives. It’s typical for the ingredients in our all-natural body products to vary in consistency from package to package. These ingredients will commonly mix back together upon application.

All Natural Body Cream

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