Janto Cosmetics Launches Its All-Natural, Unisex Line of Body Care Products

Janto Cosmetics is a skin care brand from MA built from the ground-up with natural ingredients. This natural cosmetic products company has made great strides in its industry by introducing a line of organic multi-purpose body care products called We Naturally. This line of products includes a collection of all-natural unisex body creams.

Jeanette Boccia, the owner and founder of Janto Cosmetics, was inspired to use natural ingredients. Her goal is to promote health, skin, and well-being. “I always loved nature and wanted to encourage people to use natural things from our environment. Body care creams and cosmetics made with natural ingredients grant you the peace of mind that your skin is safe,” Boccia described. “Many existing organic body products don’t have the same feel as high-end brands. That’s why Janto’s organic body cream really stands out.”

1. 100% Organic Ingredients

Boccia continued, “Unlike many other body creams, Janto’s organic body cream has multiple benefits, like moisturizing and skin firming. All of our ingredients come from organic sources. We don’t use any synthetic ingredients.”

2. Multi-Purpose

Janto’s We Naturally line of products is not only organic, it’s multi-purpose. “Our We Naturally line of products is a collection of all-natural unisex creams. One of which is the Everywhere-Even There Cream, all-over body cream. It helps to hydrate and soothe dry skin while reducing other skin-related problems,” said Boccia.

3. All-Natural Unisex Cream

Janto is a pioneer at creating unisex multi-purpose body creams that really work. “By introducing the Everywhere-Even There Cream, we made it easy for both men and women to buy and use a single body cream instead of buying two or more different creams,” said Boccia. “When we made the Everywhere-Even There cream, we made sure a little would go a long way.”

4. Limited Time Offer!

With so many benefits for one product, the Everywhere-Even There Cream is already an attractive offer. However, Boccia went further and added a special sale to promote her newest cream’s launch. “We’re running a limited time offer directly on our website for the winter. If you buy a 4 oz. container of Everywhere-Even There Cream, you get 50% off a 2 oz. size in the same purchase.”

The special limited time offer on its Everywhere-Even There Cream will be available throughout winter.

To learn more about Janto Cosmetics and its products, you can call (508) 867-3285 or email info@jantocosmetics.com. You can also follow Janto on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest to receive news and exclusive offers for its organic body care products.

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5. About Janto Cosmetics

Janto Cosmetics, a natural cosmetic products company, produces unisex body care products in a safe and clean environment. Janto holds its ingredients to the highest standard of quality. By choosing not to add any artificial chemicals, Janto products are both healthier and more effective for consumers. Janto makes sure to take special care of each and every product it creates, ensuring the best possible results.

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