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All Natural Body Product

At Janto Cosmetics, we have the desire to provide healthy and natural UNISEX cosmetic products for everyone and anyone who wants to pamper themselves in their busy day to day lives. With our slogan, “Less is Best!Janto Cosmetics believes that everyone should be able to pronounce the ingredients in the products they use. Using only the finest natural and organic ingredients, from olive oil to soy wax, Janto provides clients with luxury products and incredible results; replacing the multiple products you have on your shelf, you’ll only need one when you come to Janto for your cosmetic product needs.

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All Natural Unisex Product

Here at Janto Cosmetics, we produce our natural UNISEX products that everyone can use. Perfect for shavings your legs or your face, treating skin issues or simply hydrating your skin, we encourage ALL genders to use our products. We believe in creating natural and organic products that can be enjoyed by everyone, and by creating products that are unscented and multi-purposed, we make sure our organic body products are versatile for any lifestyle.

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Olive Oil-Based Body Cream

The products from our UNISEX We Naturally line all have an olive oil base, emulsified in soy wax; both ingredients complementing each other to provide the finest results for your skin. Olive oil has been found to contain both anti-aging properties and hydration to the hair and nails, while soy wax has been shown to provide extreme relief to dry areas of the skin. As a base for our products, this provides the perfect amount of moisture for fantastic result and beautifully natural skin.

Aside from being an all over body cream, the olive oil base in this product allows it to be used for many other purposes. It can diminish or remove fine lines and wrinkles, foot fungus, and scars. This cream can also assist in keloid removal, relief from psoriasis, dry skin, and sunburn. Anyone can use this cream to relieve rough dry feet, as a body massage cream, and even to take off make-up (safe around eyes). Relief and treatment of rashes and insect bites can also be found from using this product. As a UNISEX product, anyone can use this cream for shaving, whether that be facial and/or leg hair. This product also aids in diminishing and removing dark spots, and bruises along and around the body.


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Vitamin E

Here at Janto Cosmetics, we believe in providing the most luxury experience to our clients through our natural and organic UNISEX line of products. The Vitamin E found within our products contains many properties which heal and revitalize the skin. Blocking free radicles from your skin, our products will help reduce wrinkles and smooth skin to look youthful and fresh. The antioxidants within Vitamin E not only help to revitalize skin, but also help reduce the look of scars, stretch marks, and more! Our products will brighten and tighten skin, leaving you looking and feeling your best in the most natural way!