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Everywhere-Even There Cream

Janto presents We Naturally, the UNISEX all natural collection Everywhere-Even There Cream, an all over body cream that soothes and hydrates dry skin, while reducing and removing other skin related problems.

At Janto, we believe Less is Best!


Apply sparingly to clean, dry body from head to toes, and/or to problem areas every morning and night. May be used under makeup for extra hydration.


As an oil based product, if too much is applied and becomes greasy, simply wipe away excess with a clean soft cloth. Best if placed in refrigerator after opening as product contains natural ingredients, but this is NOT required.


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Product Description


CONTAINS SOY. For external use only. Discontinue use if signs of irritation occur; contact doctor if irritation occurs lasting longer than 7 days, as you may have an allergy. This product is intended for the use of adults 18 years of age and older.


Olive oil, Vitamin E, soy wax and trace elements them

*A percentage of the net profit from your purchase of this product will be donated to Veteran organizations, as well as organizations that support the elderly.

How to Apply to Face for Best Results

Step 1: Begin with a clean, dry face and neck.

Step 2: Put small amount of cream into hands and rub together; only using finger tips for smaller areas of application. Apply first on the neck and outer ears, concentrating on face last.

Step 3: Begin at the outer corner of your eyes and move upward in a circular motion across forehead while holding skin tight with hand that is not in use, as you should apply to one side at a time.

Step 4: Rub horizontal lines, from forehead to nose area several times in an upward motion.

Step 5: Rub lines from the tip of the nose to the lower eye lid in an upward motion.

Organic body Cream with Olive Oil - Janto Cosmetics
Homemade Natural Face Moisturizer - Janto Cosmetics

Step 6: For lines on the top lip and around the mouth, massage from the center of the lip moving outward and upward, using both hands at the same time.

Step 7: Begin under the eyes with index fingers, and with both hands move around the bridge of the nose, into outside edges of the eyes.

Step 8: Begin from the corner of each eye (to be done separately), and continue along the bone area, into the horizontal lines above the nose and to the forehead, while holding your skin tight with hand not in use.

Step 9: LAST MOVEMENT: using both hands at the same time in one stroke, move hands from chin to forehead in an upward movement several times, to counteract the pull of gravity.

Important Information

For health and safety purposes, we at Janto recommend that products and containers not be shared amongst individuals to prevent contamination of the natural ingredients; there are always more products available for everyone to have their own. We also recommend not using the same container on the face, as well as more private areas, but rather using two separate jars. It is also advised to use separate jars for both private areas, especially if using the products to treat any specific irritations occurring in either.

Janto products are made in small quantities to ensure the freshest ingredients possible, and due to this way of making our products, consistency of the products may vary from order to order. If any particles or separation occurs, keep in mind this is completely normal for natural products and will easily mix back together during use. This will have absolutely no effect on the products themselves and the quality of their benefits to you and your skin! It is also suggested, but not required, that any products purchased from the UNISEX We Naturally line be refrigerated after opening; this will add to the products shelf life and also provide a cooling effect on the skin.

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